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Use Site Search Analytics to Identify Top Products

Your ecommerce visitors will tell you what they look for the most – and what they’re most likely to buy.

A quick ecommerce marketing tip:

Use your site search analytics to identify the products that get the most search and highlight those products on your:

  • Homepage featured products area
  • Most popular products features
  • “You might also like” up-sell suggestions
  • Product lines for your main promotions

This tip gets at the essence of using data in ecommerce marketing:

Don’t assume what shoppers want most.  Let them tell you what they want most.

Perhaps the single biggest mistake businesses new to ecommerce make is assumptions about shopper habits and desires.  Don’t assume people want what you want.  Instead, look at what they search for and track content that they respond to.

This data is insight into the mind’s – and wallets – of your customers.