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Mobile Responsive eCommerce Templates

As of April 2015, mobile friendly design will be part of the Google’s search algorithm.  If you didn’t realize this already, you need a mobile responsive ecommerce design.

You don’t have to be prescient to realize that you need to be visible on mobile devices to market on the web.

Google clearly agrees, and as of April 21, 2015 they are adding “mobile friendly” into the range of their search algorithm.

What this means is if you don’t have at least a “mobile friendly” design, you’re likely to be dropped for search results.

More than that, any business website worth its pixels should now be mobile responsive.  This means the site is more than one which “won’t break” on a mobile device.  It automatically resizes so that the content is easy to view and navigate on a mobile screen.

Responsive design used to be expensive and time consuming to build.  Fortunately, today it’s a part of the best ecommerce templates.  As a site owner you don’t have to do anything – mobile design needs are met automatically.

If your ecommerce theme or template is not mobile responsive, then the message has been sent:  get with it.  Consumers are shopping on their mobile devices, and as a retailer, you need to be where your customers are.