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5 Awesome eCommerce Website Design Examples

In ecommerce, design is everything.  It is your store.  It’s your image.  It’s your salesperson, you trust builder, your point of sale.

With today’s tough ecommerce competition, having a beautiful, functional website is make or break.  You want to make a dramatic impression, but at the same time create a simple, seamless user experience.

Below are 5 examples of ecommerce websites, designed by Marketing 360® for 2017.  Each meets the necessary criteria – and then some.

Good To Glow:

ecommerce website design

Good to Glow has a visually appealing product line that facilitates a beautiful website.  Their images – by the nature of their product – go beyond eye-catching.

But a simple underlying navigation to shopping categories, custom work, and product care also make it easy for shoppers to start their buying journey.  Scroll down the home page and you find image based navigation for popular product categories, featured individual products, and new designs.

Trust is built by a phone contact in the header and footer, along with trust badges.  Social media is a great marketing strategy for them, so icons appear in the header and footer.  Payment trust badges in the footer also create trust.

Their product page is strong on images and light on confusion.  Thumbnail images display options.  Product description tie into emotional appeals while keeping necessary purchase and product information front and center.

Tunes Music and Audio:

ecomm site

Tunes Music and Audio does what many ecommerce sites choose to do effectively.  They let their products do most the talking.

It would be possible to go wild with a website that mainly deals with guitars.  Some might choose to turn it into a Twisted Sister retro design.

But Tunes Music and Audio keeps it simple and direct.  Their product categories are distinct and the navigation to find them is so simple a 5-year-old could find the guitar they want.

This site meets the essence of ecommerce.  Trust and simplicity.

Energy By Science –

e-commerce website design example

Energy By Science is a case study in elegant usability.  It’s eye-catching and inviting, but at the same time direct and very user-friendly.

The combination of value message, product-offerings, and call-to-action as you scroll down the homepage leave no doubt of what you should do or why you should do it.

The About Us further dials in the company’s mission, approach to product development, and primary target audience.

Wits + Beaux –

ecommerce template

wits + beaux combines the flair of their products with a clarity that makes shopping on their eCommerce website a breeze.

As you scroll the homepage, you’re drawn into their unique designs and the crisp description that accompany the product categories.  The site is informative and alluring, all while keeping navigation and direction crystal clear.

Your Essential Soaps –

ecommerce template

Your Essential Soaps is one of those sites that gives professional polish to what is, in fact, a smaller family-owned business.

Often, small businesses like Y.E.S. use generic templates that give the feel that the business is operated out of a garage.  This ecommerce website design, on the other hand, lends the feel of a large, established brand.

The professional images lend a sense of trust, while the personalized voice of the content reminds you this is a small-batch, artisan product line.

Like the other sites, the navigation and calls to action are simple and unambiguous.  A shopper couldn’t get confused on this website if they tried.


ecommerce website template design

Craft-n-Go is an ecommerce template design that shows how quickly you can communicate what you offer and what’s its value is with images.

Easy navigation to the different products clarifies options, and lightbox image pop-ups provide more detailed images of each product.

A craft case is not a complicated product, and this website keeps it simple with effective images and descriptions.

In eCommerce, you must to two things.  Engender trust and avoid confusion.  Each of these sites excels at those goals.