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A/B Split Test Review

You’ve probably heard the term A/B split testing before, but may have trouble visualizing how this marketing strategy is applied.  This video provides a good review of its use and results.

Check out this story on how Adore Me uses A/B split testing:

This video demonstrates one of the great rules of A/B split testing:  what you initially assume might work best often doesn’t.

Think of some of the assumptions you might make about lingerie:

  • Blondes would sell more
  • The most “sexy” attractive models would sell more
  • An exclusive, flaunted pose would sell best

Adore Me found that none of the above is true:

  • Brunettes sold more
  • Attractive but more real, “girl next door” models sold more
  • “Approachability” was important and sold far better than the “goddess” look.

It’s interesting to note how important the emotion the model conveyed turned out to be.  Much of this data demonstrates the hero shot effect:  people like to see attributes they associate with themselves mirrored in the advertisement.

The big takeaway from reviewing A/B split tests is what the manager says at the end of this video:  that it’s the customers who choose what model they respond to the best.

That’s a great idea, because they are they ones spending the money.