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How a PPC Audit Can Save You Money

Cost-per-click on paid search platforms like Google Adwords is based on quality. The better your ecommerce campaign is set-up and performs, the less it costs-per-click. A professionally optimized and managed ecommerce PPC campaign can get you more traffic for less money.

The User Experience

Google’s search services are based on one main idea:  it wants people who use search to find what they were looking for.  The better the results for the user, the more they’ll use search.

A simple idea that Google executes brilliantly.  This has an impact on advertisers who use the paid search platform, Adwords.

Adwords is an auction-based system.  As a business you set a budget you’re willing to spend to get your ads to rank high for certain keyword queries.  The more you bid the better chance you have of getting in the top spots.

But the system is more complex than that.  It also rates the overall campaign set-up and performance to determine its quality for end-users of search.  If your campaign demonstrates the content is high quality for searchers, then the system favors you ads.

How?  It lowers the required bids to get you to the top of the page.  It also tends to favor your ads and display them at the top more often.

In other words, not all PPC campaigns are created equal.

Ecommerce PPC Management

For ecommerce websites with significant product lines and campaigns, the process of creating and maintaining a high quality PPC campaign can be a lot of work.

The big hurdle is understanding the system itself.  You probably have an general feel for what you want to provide users, but a system like Adwords is a large, feature based tool.  And the “judgement” of campaigns is based on a vast computer algorithm that calculates a quality score.

This is why many business owners turn to a Google and/or Bing certified marketing company to manage PPC.  For example, eCommerce Marketing 360® offers an eCommerce PPC management solution designed to pay for itself by significantly lowering clients average cost-per-click.

Start with a Free PPC Audit

If you’re frustrated with the results and costs of your e-commerce PPC campaign, eCommerce Marketing 360® would like to help.  We offer free audits of existing Adwords or Bing PPC campaigns.

A certified, experienced ecommerce PPC professional will evaluate your text and product listing campaigns.  We’ll make recommendations on how you can get the highest rankings and the lowest cost-per-click possible.

Running a business and trying to keep up with what Google wants is a big task.  Consider using a PPC management firm that knows ecommerce.  When it’s done right you’ll find yourself spending less for superior results.

Contact us to arrange your free PPC audit.