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Be Aggressive with Holiday Remarketing Ads

Many ecommerce holiday shoppers browse before they buy.  The holiday season is the perfect time to use remarketing ads.

An interesting bit of data from Google on seasonal shopping trends reveals an interesting insight.  They note that with holiday shopping, the days that get the most transactions do not correlate with the days that get the most traffic.

In other words, there are days that peak with people browsing sites, and days that peak with actual sales.

You can take advantage of browsing behavior – and get more people back at top transaction dates – by using remarketing ads.

The holidays are, in fact, the best time to be aggressive with remarketing ads.  This is the time to offer additional discounts to entice people back to your ecommerce website.

It’s best to create lists for both specific product pages and for the all audience.

Vary the frequency of ad displays, hitting product ads aggressively in the days after the initial visit.  You’ll want to increase frequency of display for all your ads, hitting deals and products you really want to target hard prior to the biggest transaction days.

Make sure the design of your banner ads has a holiday theme.  Don’t just run generic ads to your homepage.

Watch your data and see where the traffic and transition dips and spikes are this year.  Take careful note and prepare your display and bid strategy for 2015.