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The Home Run Syndrome

ecommerce When you get started as an entrepreneur in ecommerce, you probably dream of “hitting it out of the park” right away.

You envision the big swing, the soaring shot, the crowd going wild.

So as you get started with your marketing and advertising, you want to gold bold and big.  Take out the big stick, and – frankly – start waling on the competition.

But before you start flexing your biceps, consider what Ted Williams said about hitting:

“You can’t beat the fact that you’ve got to get a good ball to hit.”  

In The Science of Hitting, he talked about working with the power hitter Frank Howard:

“He hit a lot of home runs, he’s the strongest man I’ve ever seen in baseball, but he wasn’t getting on base nearly as often as he should. He struck out a lot, he swung at bad pitches, he swung big all the time.”

Williams worked with Howard, and turned him into a more patient hitter.  He walked more, struck out less, had a better average – and still hit a lot of home runs, some of them into orbit.

The combination of swinging big all the time and not waiting for a good ball to hit is deadly one.  You find yourself chasing pitches you can’t even make contact with, much less hit out of the park.

There is a life-lesson here, and certainly a business one.  When you get into ecommerce, you want to be aggressive.  You want to swim with the big sharks in the best hunting grounds.

But the chances are far greater that you’ll strike-out, and strike-out repeatedly, if you swing big at bad pitches.

Your ecommerce marketing is a process.  Like Ted Williams hitting approach, there is a science to it.  The chances are you’ll be tweaking your swing, finding your pitches, for at least the first 6 months of effort.  That glorious home run may be years in the making.

But without patience, you’ll never get there.  As you get started, that ideal pitch won’t be there.  You’ll have to wait and discover.  Make contact, get on base a few times.

Know where you’re at and what you’re looking for.  If you stick with it, the pitches to hit will come.  The right planning will make sure you swing is strong and true.