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Know Your Ecommerce Leads

Know three types of leads for your ecommerce store and how to market to each. 

Hot eCommerce Leads

A hot eCommerce lead is someone who knows your company and knows they need your product.  They are in the later phases of the buying cycle making a final decision.

You are likely facing comparison shopping at this point, so you need to be aware of and counter what your competition is doing.

Hot leads will look at reviews and testimonials to get a sense of trust for your company.  Make sure you have some 5 star ratings visible.

Stay with hot leads if they don’t buy on a particular visit with retargeting ads, including for abandon carts .  Note any activity drop off from your site, particularly during check-out.

Make sure all incentives like free shipping and discounts are visible.  Double check your refund and shipping policy content to make sure it’s clear.

You’ve almost got the hot lead.  Take it too the goal line.

Medium eCommerce Leads

A medium lead is someone who is aware they have the problem your product can solve, but they don’t yet know about your company.

This is an important phase for search marketing.  The medium lead will use keyword searches directly related to the problem and/or to the characteristics of your product.  You must rank for these searches and get in front of the lead.

Use both PPC advertising for direct product searches and SEO for more informational searches, then have the right content in place for the lead to go to.  Use retargeting ads aggressively to stay with leads through the buying cycle.

Cold eCommerce Leads

A cold ecommerce lead is someone who could benefit from your product, but they are not yet aware they have a problem or need.

This lead is not actively searching for your product, so your goal here is to create awareness.

Social media marketing, display advertising based on demographics, and native advertising campaigns can all be effective at reaching the cold lead.  Blog articles and informational material that introduces the problem without promoting the product are effective and getting the cold lead to enter your sales funnel.

It’s important that you don’t treat these sales leads the same, or try to hit them with the same content.  Treating a cold lead like a hot one will lose them, just as too much informational material for a hot lead can sidetrack your sale.

The right content for the right type of lead brings them closer to sales conversions.