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Choose Your Customers Instead of Your Products

Virtually every ecommerce business we work with chooses the products they want to sell.  But almost none come to us having chosen their customers.  Huge mistake.

The problem is this:  when you choose your customers, you’re also choosing those who aren’t your customers.  And the reality is that most salespeople don’t have the guts to make this choice.

Instead, they want to sell to anybody who’ll pay.  The broader the target audience, the more chance to sell.

But it doesn’t work that way.  Sailor’s on shore leave don’t create lasting relationships…

Your customers define your ecommerce business.  They define what you make, how you market it, what you charge, who your staff is and even how you get funding for your business.  In digital marketing, you have to be prepared to change with the needs and habits of your customers, or you’ll be on the road to failure.

Product development doesn’t start with your product.  It starts by understanding the needs of the customers you envision buying it.  If they don’t have a use for what you offer, you won’t get anywhere.  If you’re audience isn’t large enough to create a profit, you’ll fail.

Not everybody needs everything.  It’s a fallacy and the mistake of a rank amateur to try to sell a product to everybody.

If you want to get into ecommerce, start by identifying your customers.  Get to know them – walk in their shoes.  Make sure there is enough of a need to create a marketing space.

Also, know and acknowledge who your customers are not.  Don’t market to them, and don’t try to sell them something they don’t need.  Know when to say no.

Yes, it takes guts to turn someone down who’s willing to pay you.  But if you focus on the segment that can really benefit from your products, they will become advocates the spread the word.

Who are your best customers?

You have to answer that question before you do anything else in ecommerce.