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Should You Be an Ecommerce Sales Bully?

You’ve dealt with a sales bully before.

The sales bully is the person who uses tactics to make you think you’re out of your mind if you don’t take advantage of their offer.

The sales bully main tools are certitude and incredulity.

They start out with statements of certitude (not certainty) about the quality, uses, and value of their product.  It’s the best thing available for your needs, without question.

They’ll ask you to believe and trust them as language hooks.  They know if they say the words believe and trust enough, your mind will start to associate it with themselves and their product.

Then comes incredulity.  If you start to resist, they’ll act like you’re refusing food while starving.  It’s inconceivable that you don’t agree with them.  That you can’t see things their way.

Some are persuaded by this.  Others wimp out, unable to defend their stance against the bully’s tactics.  Others are momentarily persuaded, then later realize what they did in the frustration of buyer’s remorse.

You can set up your ecommerce advertising and website to bully prospective buyers.  Your copy, in essence, is designed to make them feel stupid if they don’t buy from you.

But there is a consideration:  the sales bully wins the race to the bottom.

When you bully consumers with manipulative sales methods, you’re targeting a certain type of buyer.  And this buyer is not the person who will spread the word about you.  It doesn’t result in retention of loyal customers or the best partnerships.

Those people will walk away from bullying.

So if you’re going to bully, set your sales expectations accordingly.  You’re aiming low, and that’s what you’ll hit.

It’s not a strong strategy for long-term ecommerce success.