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5 Awesome eCommerce Website Design Examples

In ecommerce, design is everything.  It is your store.  It’s your image.  It’s your salesperson, you trust builder, your point of sale. With today’s tough ecommerce competition, having a beautiful, functional website is make or break.  You want to make … Continued

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The Amazon (Ecommerce) Jungle

In September of 2012, the New York Times reported on how Amazon was pulling away from Google to become the most dominate ecommerce platform online.  They noted: In 2009, nearly a quarter of shoppers started research for an online purchase … Continued

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Your eCommerce Office Hours

When Mark started an ecommerce businesses he thought he wouldn’t have set office hours.  He’d customize his schedule and take flex time when he felt like it. This isn’t to say Mark didn’t know he’d work long hours.  He was … Continued

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Know Your Ecommerce Leads

Know three types of leads for your ecommerce store and how to market to each.  Hot eCommerce Leads A hot eCommerce lead is someone who knows your company and knows they need your product.  They are in the later phases … Continued

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A Problem Worth Having

An innovative, new product can be an excellent line for ecommerce.  If you don’t have any competition trying to sell exactly the same thing, you avoid much of the bloodthirsty competition and price battles that can make online retail depressing. … Continued

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You Know You Don’t Know

Recently, when the Pope was asked about the issue of gays in the Catholic Church, his response was:  “Who am I to judge?” The Dali Lama, one of the great spiritual leaders of our age, is known to use “I … Continued

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The Home Run Syndrome

When you get started as an entrepreneur in ecommerce, you probably dream of “hitting it out of the park” right away. You envision the big swing, the soaring shot, the crowd going wild. So as you get started with your … Continued

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Selling Luxury with Ecommerce

Is it possible to sell a $50k watch on an ecommerce website?  A $20k fur coat?  A $2500 pair of shoes? These are big ticket luxury items.  The question then, goes not to just being able to afford the item … Continued

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