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Your eCommerce Office Hours

When Mark started an ecommerce businesses he thought he wouldn’t have set office hours.  He’d customize his schedule and take flex time when he felt like it.

This isn’t to say Mark didn’t know he’d work long hours.  He was ready for some 80 hour weeks.

At first Mark had no problems.  He sold custom size knife handles, and got a good start getting targeted traffic to his site.  But his schedule was too flexible; he wasn’t getting any orders.

He tested and streamlined his product categories and check-out to make ordering as straightforward as possible.  It improved – he got a trickle of orders – but he still had too much time for golf, but not enough money for green fees.

Mark went to his Marketing 360® marketing executive Bobby for help.  They saw from data that people were spending a lot time on the site – too much time, in fact.  It seemed they were interested but not confident about ordering.  They ran some mock purchases to discover that people weren’t confident about what size to get for their hand.

The website had no good explanation of how to make this choice, and no contact information where someone could ask the question.  Mark, because he wanted to have his flex schedule, decided not to include contact info other than an email address on the back contact page.  Few people were making it there.

He’d hope people could just figure it out on the site.  They couldn’t.

Mark and Bobby came up with several solutions.

First, they did a blog article about how to select a custom knife handle for your size hand.  They made it easy to navigate to this page.

Next, Mark added a chat feature to the site.  Yep, it meant being in the office at certain times, but clearly people needed some first hand help.

Since he was in the office anyway, he also decided to put a phone number on the site with availability times, so he could speak to his customers personally.

The orders went up nicely.  Soon, as his overall website traffic increased, he found himself with a nice flow of business – for a pretty niche item.  He also learned from talking directly to clients that people wanting more engraving options, so he expanded that service.

What Mark did was take his site from business-centric to customer-centric.  He figured out what the problem was and used the right tactics to solve it.

Most ecommerce websites go through a story somewhat like Mark’s.